New Tesla Cybertruck Driver Crashes Into Neighbor’s Home, Video

A Tesla Cybertruck driver careened into a neighbor’s house after the driver lost control of the accelerator — and it’s all caught on security vid.

The futuristic monster truck picked up speed down a narrow alley before slamming into a wall — this as the owner furiously pumped the breaks in vain.

The Cybertruck’s back wheels were locked up, yet the forward motion was so intense the vehicle kept speeding toward the home.

The driver — who had only owned the truck for 4 hours — walked away unscathed, but the same can’t be said for the Cybertruck. Photos shared on X show a cracked windshield and major damage to the bumper and hood.

The stainless steel body took a serious beating and repairs will be in the vicinity of $30k. Unclear if the owner has a case of buyer’s remorse and will try and return the ride.

He also shared the response he got from Tesla on X … “We have reviewed logs and, due to the terrain, the accelerator may or may not disengage when the brake is depressed. As for the back tires locking up, we are reviewing.”

Not exactly the reassurance he was hoping for — and it raises yet another safety concern for Tesla owners, with plenty of reports of these trucks in crashes. But this time, no word from Elon yet!