How Much Do Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers Cost?

Many residents like Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. Just as many tourists enjoy visiting there. They can eat a world-class cheesesteak, watch a Phillies game, or see the Liberty Bell with the famous crack in it.

However, just like everywhere else, accidents happen there. Either residents or tourists might slip on a wet grocery store floor. A drunk driver may hit them, or perhaps they’ll see a doctor who misdiagnoses them or gives them the wrong medication.

In these instances, the Philly resident or visitor might hire a personal injury attorney. You may wonder how much money these attorneys take if they win the case, though. We’ll discuss that in detail right now.

How Much Do Personal Injury Attorneys Usually Take?

Many lawyers take one-third of your personal injury winnings. That happens in Philly and all around the country as well.

That might sound like a lot. After all, the lawyer didn’t suffer the injury. They didn’t get sick, and they didn’t endure the pain and suffering that you did. You may think they don’t deserve that much money.

You must consider everything a personal injury lawyer does for you, though. You probably won’t win a personal injury case without one.

Personal Injury Lawyers Know the Law

First of all, Philly personal injury lawyers know the law. They know its ins and outs. When you approach them, they’ll want details about what happened. They’ll ask that you explain your injury or illness and give them lots of details.

Even if you think you have a solid personal injury case, the lawyer you approach can tell you definitively whether you do or not. It might turn out that when they examine the facts, they’ll tell you that you can’t hold some other individual or entity liable.

If that happens, they’ll save you a lot of time and energy you’d otherwise spend in court.

They Can Investigate Your Case

If a Philly personal injury lawyer takes you on as a client, they can also investigate what you say happened. They may have a private investigator who can do that for them. They will gather any evidence that they feel can help you if the case goes to trial.

You can’t do that on your own. You don’t have the same resources that the lawyer does. Without them doing the legwork, you likely won’t win your case, even if you have a legitimate claim.

They Can Negotiate with the Defendant’s Lawyer

Your Philly personal injury lawyer can also negotiate with the defendant and their attorney. The two attorneys will likely meet during the discovery process and compare notes. At this point, your lawyer can advocate for you.

They might get a settlement offer, and maybe the number makes sense. If so, you can get that money without going through a potentially long and exhausting trial. If that happens, you can get the cash you deserve much faster and continue with your life without putting it on hold for weeks or months.

They Can Defend You Against Underhanded Tactics

Your lawyer can also defend you against devious or underhanded tactics the defendant or their attorney might attempt. Usually, these things won’t happen, but they might. You may have the defendant threaten you or try some other desperate action if they feel you’ve cornered them.

If that happens, your lawyer can protect you. They can tell a judge what happened and make sure the police take the appropriate action. Your lawyer defends you and champions your rights. Without them, you’re on your own, and you may feel vulnerable and friendless.

When you consider all this, a Philly personal injury lawyer taking that fee doesn’t sound so unreasonable. If you don’t hire an experienced attorney who can do these things, you likely can’t start a civil action at all.

You might attempt one since you don’t technically need an attorney, but you haven’t studied the law like they have. If you represent yourself in court, you’ll likely make many mistakes and botch the case.

If you hire the right Philly-based lawyer when some person or entity harms you, you can often collect the money you’re due. If what happened wrecked your life, some financial compensation should help. Maybe it won’t make things completely right, but it’s a step toward justice.

Sometimes, having the court system and the public hear you matters more than money does. You can often achieve this with the right Philadelphia personal injury attorney.