Gravity Falls Season 3: When It Will Release if The Season Renew

Disney has had great success with the popular situs slot American cartoon series Gravity Falls. The show received appreciation from audiences worldwide and has completed two seasons.

The story revolves around multiple mysteries, with the major role of siblings Dipper and Mabel, who care for their great uncle Stan in a town called Gravity Falls.

Very soon, they realized this was not an ordinary town as it was brimming with enigmas and paranormal entities. Fans can watch the online episodes like Netflix and Hotstar Kids.

The second season was completed four years ago, and fans loved it. Therefore, fans want to know about Gravity Falls Season 3, so let’s discuss it.

Has Gravity Falls Season 3 Been Renewed or Canceled?

Two seasons of Gravity Falls have been filled with the utmost craving for the next new season. The last episode of Gravity Falls season 2 was telecasted on Netflix. The producer did not stretch the story and concluded it.

No official announcement has been made yet regarding the third season. The show’s creator, Alex Hirsch, has stated that the series is complete and will not continue further.

The first season was released on 15 June 2012, and the second season came on 1 August 2014. Moreover, the show creator also released one Pilot episode in August 2016.

After that episode, the makers announced they would bring some new special episodes for the series; therefore, we can expect any renewal for Gravity Falls season 3.Gravity Falls Season 3 Trailer

Cast for Gravity Falls Season 3?

Among animated characters, many talented voice artists played amazing roles in Gravity Falls Season 3. The main character is Jason Ritter, who plays the voice role of Dipper Pines. The leading star is playing the role along with the twin, Mabel Pines.

Another is Kristen Schaal, who provides the voice for Mabel Pines. Moreover, Alex Hirsch brings Stanley Pines, who is the uncle of Mabel and Dipper and genuinely loves and cares for them.

In other stars, Soos Ramirez is a 22-year-old handyman at the Mystery Shack. Another one is Linda Cardellini, who provides the voice for Wendy Corduroy, who is 15 years old and also works at the Mystery Shack.

The animated series is well-known because of its storyline, and this one is considered the best comedy animated show.

Storyline of Gravity Falls Season 3

Fans are curious to know about the storyline of the third season. If the third season is released, it will start exactly where the second ended.

The third season could be a new storyline while retaining the beloved characters. It is the story of two twins, Mabel and Dipper, and they plan to spend their summer vacations in the adventure of the city of Gravity Falls.

Both of them discover many secrets through a diary that Dipper finds in the woods. In addition, it reveals many techniques and mysteries about the city to help them enjoy the town and spend their vacations joyfully. Well, we can wait for the renewal of Gravity Falls Season 3.Gravity Falls Season 3 release date


No official trailer could be found till the third season was renewed by Netflix. So hold your seat and wait patiently for the Gravity Falls Season 3. We will share the update if the show creator thinks about it and reveals something regarding it.

Platform to Watch Gravity Falls Season 2

Gravity Falls season is available on Disney+, Hotstar and Netflix. Fans can watch the previous two seasons on these platforms until the new updates regarding the third season are uploaded.

We will get some good news soon, so stay tuned. We will share everything once we receive the confirmation of the next season.