Out of the Woods was set up by Paul Maguire in 2012 to enable community organisations, charities and art groups to tell their story creatively through documentaries and fiction films, be it an event, project, group or individual story.

We have enjoyed collaborations with so many clients such as; the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Action for ME, Drake Music Scotland, Unique Events, Lothian Borders Police, HiBrow, Visiting Arts, MB Productions, Pernod Richard UK, HOT/Community Connections and to mention a few. When a project demands more specialist skills and knowledge then Out of the Woods draws from its talent pool of creatives such as filmmakers Leo Bruges, Lucas Kao, Marcin Knyziak and storyteller Michael Williams.

We believe everyone has a story to tell and a passion to share. Through our expertise we have followed this ethos to develop workshops that enable groups and individuals to tell their story, like Action for ME that are dedicated to helping people with M.E., more commonly known as chronic fatigue syndrome. Michael and I ran workshops with them in Fort William and Edinburgh over a number of months resulting in a screening of the films they had made that told their story. The shape and timescale of these projects are tailor made to the needs and abilities of the people involved. We can film the group in workshops and interviews or show them how to make their own films.

If you have an idea or a project that you'd like to develop and produce then just give us a call.