LowDef comes to the Brighton Digital Festival and this time we're pure digital.

We want YOU to get your pixels in line and make a one-minute video. It can be anything from a home movie to fine art… a drama to documentary. We don’t care if you know your interlacing from your intercutting, and we certainly don’t care how big your pixels are. It’s all about innovative ideas. Whether you’re an experienced filmmaker or a first-timer… you want to show it, we want to screen it. You can use any device to shoot it; camcorder, mobile phone, webcam, scanner, stills… just keep it digital. Expect anything and everything. Viva la resolution.

Please come early to the lighthouse for Show and Tell and enjoy viewing and discussing 3 excellent short films by Brighton filmmakers.

Things you might want to know:
• Email: submit@lowdef.co.uk
• Deadline for submitting: Monday the 24th of September.
• Free to submit and free to attend.
• If you have any technical questions or problems please ask LowDef for help.
• The video should ideally be around one minute, longer films are screened at our discretion
• We aim to show all entries, but we do not accept advertising videos or trailers.
• You can submit more then one film, but we may not show them all.
• LowDef is non-competitive and entrants may remain anonymous.